Mini Créateurs The french miniature forum
Modelsculpt Another french forum
Figurines TV, once more a french forum with lots of interesting videos
Cool Mini or Not, lots of minis to look at …
TGN Blog Network
Massive Voodoo,The blog of Raffaele Picca and Roman Lappat, kings of the jungle 😉
The self-absorbing man, The talented comic artist and sculptor Paolo Riviera
Gurney Journey, the blog of the illustrator James Gurney
Thomas David, a fantastic miniature sculptor
Remy Tremblay, another great miniature sculptor
Stéphane Simon, a former Rackham sculptor
Mikh, former Rackham lead sculptor
Creature Spot, lots of inspiration here
Aris Kolokontes, a great sculptor
Shiflett Brothers Famous sculptors
Alan Carrasco, great miniature sculptor with a knack for Orcs
Jacques-André Gillois, awesome miniature sculptor, just look at the man can do …
Gael Goumon, the Greenstuff wizard
Patrick Masson aka “The Small”, another great miniature sculptor

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